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How it works?

What can EVVA do?

Electronic menu

Reduce printing and advertising costs for your products.

Ordering and online payment

Recommendations system

Reviews of food and drinks

Online order payment

Accept payment from guests on favorable terms.

Various payment methods

Daily transfers

Commission from 5%

Calling the waiter

Direct communication between the guest and the waiter

Instant push notifications

Flexible binding of waiters to tables

Works with smart watches

Cashless tip

Give up on unreliable and illegal schemes.

Payment Apple / Google Pay, credit card

Instant enrollment to the card for waiters

Commission up to 5%

Guest Reviews

Be aware of the real state of affairs in your institution.

Evaluation of food and service

Working with customer reviews

Reviews in Tripadvisor, Yandex and 2GIS

Events and promotions

Keep your guests informed about current and upcoming events.

Flexible setting of events

Customer reactions to events

No limit on quantity

How to manage
a web application?

To run the web application, we have developed a user-friendly control panel that can be accessed on any device.

Setting up an establishment

Adding free seating capacity

Adding employees to the database

Adding items to the menu

Adding new events and promotions

Assigning staff to specific tables

Setting up the appearance of the application


Attendance of the establishment

The amount of revenue and the average check of orders

Efficiency of work and tips for the staff

Rating of dishes and drinks

Customer base

Number of clients

Contact details

Interests and preferences

The ability to unload the base

Acceptance of orders and balance

Receiving payment from orders

Control of order statuses

Transferring orders to Iiko and rKeeper

Withdrawing funds from the balance

Our clients

Brooklyn Pizza Pie

Moscow, Rublevskoe highway d.42 k.1

speed of service

Tips 130 000 ₽

Attendance 1 428

Average check 1 281 ₽

Number of reviews 57

Myata Lounge

Moscow, Arbat str. 25/36

Revenue growth of the institution
by 10% due to additional orders

Tips 9 243 ₽

Attendance 3 599

Average check 739 ₽

Number of reviews 15

Restaurant «Dom»

Khabarovsk, Kalinina str. 72

We have established feedback with the guests of the institution

Tips 5 278 ₽

Attendance 455

Average check 1 666 ₽

Number of reviews 14

Restaurant «Mood»

Ufa, Verkhnetorgovaya square 1

The number of orders
increased by 15%

Tips 1 635 ₽

Attendance 2 216

Number of orders 240

Average check 592 ₽


St. Petersburg, st. Efimova, 2

Bounce rate
dreamed of 4%

Tipping $23

Attendance 518

Average bill $20

Number of reviews 3



$ 39,9 /month

Subscription to all features of the service with a monthly payment.


$ 699

Pay once - always use all the features of the service!

What's included in the price?

Try a 14-day free period

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What to place in the institution?


Waterproof sticker will fit neatly into the interior of any institution and will not spoil the surface coating. Black/white design.


Table-tent for IPhone. It will perfectly complement the style of your establishment and will look organic on any table.


Convenient location of the phone attracts attention and also serves as a stand for it.


The designer table-tent is notable for its increased durability and unusual appearance.


Classic table-tent. Practical in every way, and won't take up much space on the table.


Mechanical 2x2 cube perfectly engages visitors in the game and definitely will not be left without attention of guests.

Where do the tips and waiter call notifications come?

EVVA STAFF app for staff

EVVA STAFF app for staff

  • Instant tip withdrawal to a bank card
  • Ratings and reviews on the quality of service
  • Real-time PUSH notifications to phone and smart watch
Contact number
+7 (958) 538-40-80
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